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Quick Schengen: where and how to get it

The French visa center, where in the fall of 2018 it was possible to get a “Schengen” in 48 hours, did not survive under the influx of Russian tourists …

Starting from the May holidays, in order to apply for a visa, you need to register, on average, for a couple of weeks. Interestingly, the hype was observed in other visa centers even before the May holidays. Those who were planning to fly to France, however, were not lucky more than others, since in the visa issuing centers of other states (Czech, Spanish), a pre-registration system already existed, and in the French visa center all this resulted in huge queues.After that, applicants were stopped here without prior appointment, and they stopped considering visa applications in 2 days.

According to the staff of the ICS tour operator, tourists are forced to wait up to 14 days until they accept their documents. M. Lukyanova, who issued a Schengen visa at the beginning of summer, says that if someone, having signed up, was 2-3 minutes late for his time, his record was canceled.

According to the operator of the French visa center, the deadline for considering documents for opening a visa is now 2-30 days. Although travel agencies say that most often “Schengen” open in 3-4 days. Moreover, the excitement for receiving it is explained in the French consulate by the fact that here they were more likely than others to open multi-visas. The fact that now applications are considered longer is not surprising. A. Teplov, OneTwoTrip, explains that it takes the same amount of time to review papers at other consulates.
Is it possible to open a visa faster
Those who need a visa urgently can use the Prime Time service, in which you need to pay 50 euros to speed up the process. True, the papers in this case will not be taken immediately – in 3-4 days, but this is still faster than expecting 2 weeks in the usual queue.

If issued directly at the French Consulate, they say that they will consider the paper within 10 working days, but also there the nearest time for their submission is in 60 days (as of early July).
What about the urgent Schengen?
You might think about getting a “Schengen” at visa centers in other states. The main thing is that then you will be the first to visit the country that you opened your visa for, otherwise problems may arise in the future.

Relatively quickly, documents are considered at the consulates of Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and Spain. At the same time, the opening of a visa to Norway, as A. Teplov explains, can take a long time – the Russians go there infrequently.

In visa services of other states, the situation may differ:

Germany. Documents are accepted by appointment and in order of priority, and considered – at least 10 days.

Spain. Paper can be handed over by appointment. The decision is made from 3 to 10 days.

Italy. By appointment and in order of priority. The review period is 3-6 days.

Greece. Documents are accepted by appointment, considered 2-10 days.

Hungary. No need to register, a visa is made for 7 days.

Portugal. Papers are handed over by appointment. Waiting for a visa for at least 5 days.

Czech. You can submit documents without recording. A visa is opened in the period of about 7-10 days.

Finland. Papers can be handed over by prior registration or in order of priority, but the term for their consideration is from 15 to 30 days.

As they say in the association of tour operators, more willing to “Schengen” open in French, Italian, Czech visa centers. For the most part, Belgian, German and Norwegian services are denied. And in 2018, the smallest number of multi-visas was given to those who were going to go to the Netherlands.

It is worth noting that documents can be considered even less than the officially indicated period. So, in the visa centers of Holland, Spain, Italy, a passport is often issued 72 hours after filing. A visa to Greece is often opened within 5 days, to the Czech Republic – 7 days. Moreover, experts say that soon all visa centers for the speed of processing documents will work the same way, since at the end of 2019 the EU plans to unify the rules for issuing a “Schengen”.

A. Teplov explains that a unified policy of opening Schengen visas is supposed. Moreover, their validity period is clearly regulated. First, travelers should receive a series of short-term visas, then, if they do not violate the rules of staying in the country, “multivisa” for a year and only after that a visa for 2 years, etc.

Since the observance by the tourist of the rules will be carefully monitored (which country he visited first, how much he stayed in, how often he visited there), he will no longer be able to obtain a visa at the Italian embassy, ​​for example, to travel through it to another country. It is logical that the demand for “Schengen” will become more even.

Source: http://tourweek.ru/articles/visas_and_passports/311282/ © Tourweek.ru

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