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Why is Schengen denied in 2019?

Specialists spoke about the cases in which they can refuse to issue a Schengen visa and how this threatens the applicant …

If denied Schengen
Russians are not denied Schengen so often: in 2017, the percentage of rejection was only 1.36%. However, more and more people around complain that they were not issued a visa. Often in such complaints appears the Consulate of Italy.

Svetlana Kalinina said that she helped with the collection of documents in the visa center to her friend. As a result, she was given a six-month multivisa at the French Consulate, but before that, the girl still received 2 visa refusals at the Italian Consulate. The first time they refused, most likely due to unconfirmed travel documents and hotel reservations. Although the human factor cannot be discounted, those who work in the visa center may not like something, and they will refuse. The second time, the girls took into account probable errors and filed papers again. The refusal was then explained to them briefly: “the unclear purpose of the stay.” Since the applicant did not understand what needed to be corrected, she decided to apply to the French Consulate. There, fortunately, the finished Schengen was issued for six months in just 10 days.

In other words, everything is individual, but you can not underestimate the little things. What may seem unimportant to us, whether it is an inexpensive hotel, a missed call from a visa center, or a difficult route with a connection in another state, can in fact become a reason for refusal.
Why do they refuse?
In the visa code of the European Union, Art. 32, it is indicated that a visa is refused when the applicant:

cannot confirm the purpose of travel and conditions of stay in the territory of the state;

cannot prove that he has money to travel and to return home or to fly to a third country, where he is guaranteed entry;

cannot receive the necessary funds legally;

submits a fake travel document;

already spent 90 days in one of the EU countries during the current 180-day period;

not allowed as an object of an information request within the framework of the ICU;

does not provide a valid travel insurance policy.

Also, they will not give permission to enter if the consulate employees have doubts about the authenticity of the submitted papers, or that the applicant will definitely leave the country before the visa expires. Moreover, consular officers refuse if the person applying for is considered a threat to internal security.

In any case, the official reason is prescribed in the refusal sheet. True, in fact, due to an unclear wording, one can often only guess what was the matter. For example, if the employees of the visa center instead of “information about the goals are not accurate” indicated “they called back to the hotel, the reservation was canceled”, their motives would be clear.

Anastasia Semenova, “Favorit Travel Club” lists the frequent mistakes of the applicants:

Fake certificates from the place of work. Few people know that the visa center often checks documents. Employees can call both the place of work of the applicant, specifying whether the person works there, and to himself. In this case, they ask what is the name of the director or even a trickster: “How do you get to the place of work?”

Problems with hotel reservation. So, it may not be confirmed if there were not enough funds in the account, and the visa center staff still called back at the reception to clarify this point. The other extreme is when applicants book a hotel in a small town for 14 days, and there is nothing to do there for a couple of days. In any case, if inconsistencies occur, they may be asked to pay for accommodation, or simply refuse a visa.

Lack of money for the trip. This happens if the applicant earns little and does not have a bank account. To get a visa in this case, you will have to somehow strengthen the documents.

Lime insurance. Near consulates on the streets they sell linden policies, so you need to contact reliable insurers.

Invalid travel destination. It is not worth writing that you are going to France as a tourist, if in fact you plan to study there. The visa center staff will find out this point and refuse.

Misuse of previously issued visas. If a person received permission to enter the territory of a state, but did not use it, the next time they can refuse his visa.

It is also more difficult for immigrants from the CIS countries with huge migration risk, as well as those who live in the regions of the Caucasus, to apply for a visa.
Will a passport be stamped
They put it before 2015, and now they just give out a rejection list. It prescribes which consulate did not give permission to enter and why. Information is also provided on appeal against the decision.

That is, a passport “does not spoil” a refusal, although the information still enters the VIS system. And in the future they will be able to see it at the consulates.
Failure – forever?
Not at all. In 99% of cases, they refuse if the person could not collect the full package of documents. The next time you apply for a visa, they will not be discriminated against, especially if he takes into account errors.


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