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How not to get lost in the forest

The forest is not only indescribable beauty and clean air, but also a potentially dangerous place where almost every day children, old people, mushroom pickers are lost …

How not to get lost in the forest
The main reason – people do not know the terrain, poorly oriented between the trees. In addition, not everyone understands how to behave in the forest, so in the literal sense of the word they can die from cold and hunger just a couple of kilometers from the village.To avoid the worst, you need to know and follow the rules.
What to do in order not to get lost in the forest
Experts advise you to prepare for each trip to the forest, and being in nature, follow their recommendations.

How to prepare:

Dress appropriately. Camouflage is not the best clothes in the forest, as well as gray, black, dark blue suits. For children, it is worth choosing something bright with reflective inserts. Even babies can run far ahead from adults and get lost.

Be sure to bring along phones, and with charged batteries. Power Bank will not hurt. If a person is already lost, do not call him constantly, discharging the gadget. It’s more correct to contact search teams: people there are able to get out of the forest by phone or (if a person has a fracture, severe fright), find it and take it out.

If possible, connect the service of informing about the location of a person with a mobile operator. For example, in MegaFon, data is reflected in real time.

Collect the minimum survival kit, even if a person goes half an hour to the forest. The set should include matches, a knife, water, food, toilet paper, a whistle, a bright garbage bag. You can tear paper and hang it on trees to understand whether you were already in that place or not. The package can hide behind at night. You may also need mini warmers or salt insoles from sports equipment stores.

Think over the route and inform loved ones about your plans. They must know where you went and what time you want to return.

If possible, purchase a GPS tracker, and for children – a smart watch with GPS, so that you can track their location.
What to do if you are already lost in the forest
Children must know the safety rules:

Do not climb into thickets, rubble – you can get hurt, break your arm or leg.

It is important to stay in place. This is especially true for cases when a search squad has already been contacted, having described their location to them. First of all, they will be looking for him.

In the forest it is important to move along clearings, power lines, or at least paths. Children should not go to the swamps or to the river. It is very important to show the kids what the swamp looks like, to tell how it is dangerous.

Seeing a helicopter in the sky, it is better to go out into the open and lie on the ground, starting to wave your arms and legs. A recumbent person is better seen than a standing person.

Having heard screams and noise, it is important to tap with a stick on a stick or a tree in response, and not scream. The sound from the sticks diverges much further than the voice. In the same way, you can scare away animals by hearing a rustling in the nearest bushes.

The child needs to be explained that it is undesirable to eat mushrooms, berries, so as not to poison, however, as well as drink water from unfamiliar reservoirs. Climbing a tree is also not worth it. Firstly, you can fall and get hurt, and secondly – it still does not help. At the same time, one should not be afraid of strangers who will shout out the name of the child. Most likely, these are rescuers and they are there specifically to find the stray.


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