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Almost a day in the clouds: how to make a long flight comfortable

In 2013, Singapore Airlines performed the longest flight. The flight was from Singapore to New York and lasted almost 18 hours …

At first, due to the high cost of fuel, the direction was closed. However, in October 2018, flights resumed.

In addition, there are other long flights: from Australia to London (16 hours 29 minutes, carrier – Qantas), from the capital of Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand (16 hours 30 minutes, carrier Qatar Airways).

A long flight is not always difficult. The main thing is to prepare for it, then the flight will be as comfortable as possible.
Flight selection
Popular flights can serve different planes. If you can choose, take tickets for a flight operated by an Airbus A380. Compared to the Boeing 777, its interior is significantly quieter. Even better, if the direction is served by the new Airbus A350: every 3 minutes the air in it passes through the air conditioners, so breathing in the cabin is easier, more comfortable.

If you are not sure that the seats in the cabin recline, and the distance between them is sufficient to make it comfortable to sit, do not take a ticket for a night flight, otherwise you will suffer all the way.
Where better to sit on the plane
Before booking your tickets, visit the SeatGuru website or the like to study the seating plan, because comfort during the flight directly depends on the chosen place:

take a seat by the window if you want to sleep;

reserve a seat at the aisle if you like to often walk around the cabin to warm up;

abandon the toilet seats so that passengers scurrying back and forth do not bother you;

choose places near the partition if you are traveling with a baby – it will be possible to fix a portable crib on it.

However, keep in mind that you cannot hide bulk carry-on baggage in such places.
What to do before departure
Wear comfortable clothing on the plane — a sports suit or clothing made from natural fabrics without hard elastic bands and seams is best. It is advisable to dress according to the principle of layering: if it is cold or hot, then you can remove one layer. Shoes are recommended to be taken without a heel. Be sure to bring warm clothes with you to the cabin: a sweater, socks (air carriers are unable to maintain a constant temperature in the air).

If you plan to sleep in silence, do not forget your headphones or ear plugs.
How to prepare hand luggage
It is best to pack in a backpack with many pockets. It is important that the snakes function well: if they diverge, the contents may spill out during inspection or at the moment when you will put things on a shelf.

Life hack: it is better for the backpack to be compact and fit under a chair in the cabin. Then it will always be easy to get it.

In flight, you may need:

a minimum of cosmetics: antiseptic, hand cream, hygienic lipstick, thermal water, since due to low humidity the skin is constantly dry;

toothbrush, mini-paste, towel – basic hygiene procedures magically relieve fatigue after sleep;

pillow under the neck, blindfold.

Tip: Use glasses instead of lenses on the plane. This eliminates the discomfort of drying out the mucous membranes of the eyes.
What to do in the salon
It is best to endure a long flight in a dream. But if in doubt, will you be able to sleep:

Take documents or books that have been put off work all the time. On the plane there will be an opportunity, finally, to complete things that usually do not reach the hands.

Check in advance if there is free Wi-Fi for passengers. Browse the website of the airline whose flight you are flying. If you don’t like the video files that will be available for viewing, prudently upload your own to your tablet.
If problems arise
One of the main difficulties faced by passengers is increased pressure in the cabin. Because of it, a headache can develop, it often blocks ears. To minimize discomfort, you can simply open your mouth at such times.

Life hack: if you lay your ears systematically, do not use ear plugs. From them, against the background of increased pressure, ear pain can develop.

Some passengers from a too long flight cradle. People who are constantly faced with such situations know what to do. For the rest, experts give standard advice: lie down, get distracted, start breathing with your mouth, take mint candies or stock up on medicines from the pharmacy in advance.


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