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Top inhospitable countries for tourists
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Wine tours: what is it? where do they go

Wine tours are tourist programs in which vacationers get acquainted with the traditions of winemaking in different regions …

The concepts of wine differ among peoples: they are influenced by both religious dogmas and the culture of behavior. For example, the Jews call the vine a gift from God, while the adherents of Islam do not drink the sparkling drink at all, like any alcohol.

Most often, wine lovers and connoisseurs go on such trips. Within the framework of the programs, they can familiarize themselves with the wine list, see castles and vineyards (and even engage in grape harvesting), visit wine cellars and, of course, taste aromatic drinks.

For the most demanding, trips with bonuses are offered: you can personally make a blend, and then take the bottle with a personalized label home.

Other features of wine tours:

organizers can conduct culinary and wine workshops (telling which drink goes better with a particular dish);

surely time is allocated for visiting local attractions – in France, excursions to medieval towns are arranged as part of the routes, and in South Africa to Cape of Good Hope;

the last day is often devoted to shopping.
Popular destinations among Russians
Wine tours
The wine list of the world is very large, so in many places there are places for growing grapes and producing wine. All wine tours, wherever they are made – a great way to spend your free time with benefit and taste.
There is where to roam:

Many routes begin in France, where tourists can visit Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Provence, Loire Valley, Languedoc and other regions specializing in the creation of sparkling wine. It is noteworthy that in Bordeaux there is also its own wine therapy. The La Cité du Vin wine park is also located here. It is located in a 10-story building with theme areas on each floor.

In Italy, they produce their own wine varieties in almost every region. The main places to visit are Piedmont, Umbria, Tuscany, Trentino (local wines account for almost 50% of the country’s total exports). Sicily is considered one of the trending regions involved in winemaking.

In Spain, production methods have recently been improved, which ensured an influx of tourists into the country. They go to Andalusia, Valencia, Navarra. In Ribera del Duero, mainly pink and red wines with raspberry flavor are made. In Rioja, red wines are aged in oak barrels and bottled in Bordeaux.

In Portugal, wines have been made since ancient Rome. The most popular regions to visit: Madeira, Lisbon, Bairrada, Alentejo.

In Germany, light drinks with fruit notes are offered. Rheingau, Moselle-Saar-Ruver, Rheingessen and others will become a paradise for tourists.

In Austria, wines are mainly produced by Vienne, Burgenland, and Shtria.
Popular wine tours in Argentina and Chile. The program usually includes visits to famous wineries, local sightseeing, outdoor activities (rafting, horse riding), excursions to vineyards and orchards, and, of course, tasting.

The highlight of the tours is the wine cellars of Don Melchor Concha and Toro.
Wine Tours Abroad
Also, tasters organize trips to the USA, South Africa, New Zealand. Interesting routes in Georgia. It produces special varieties of wines from grapes that grow exclusively in this area. Supplement them with national feasts, excursions to local attractions (the program includes house-museums, a botanical garden, monasteries, etc.). Also, vacationers visit the wineries and, of course, the Alazani Valley.

Other destinations – Switzerland, Greece, Moldova.
When is the best time to go?
You need to choose the time for the trip depending on your goals: whether you just want to conduct a tasting and see the country or plan to fully experience the atmosphere. For example, in the middle of July Hungary hosts the Bull Blood wine festival. A lot of traditions are connected with it, vacationers are offered a lot of entertainment.

In Cyprus, the grape season starts in September. Then the famous Wine Festival in Limassol takes place. In France, many wine holidays fall in the summer and fall.


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