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Thomas Cook: the founder’s good intentions became a burden of responsibility for followers
On the eve of World Tourism Day, one of its pioneers, the British tour operator Thomas Cook, left the market ... Among the reasons for his bankruptcy were not only…

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Why you should not go to the UAE for a vacation
UAE is one of the fastest growing countries ... People come here not only to soak up the coast (the state stretches along the Persian Gulf), but also to see…

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Visa to Finland: how will Schengen be issued now
Starting September 1, the simplified visa processing regime for Finland for residents of the northwestern federal district of the Russian Federation will no longer apply. There is no detailed information…

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Guide to Sicily: along unknown routes on a yacht

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is located not far from the tip of the Italian boot. The island is washed by three seas: the Ionian, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian …

Yacht Charter in Sicily
Fascinating landscapes, centuries-old history, delicious local cuisine and local culture have long attracted travelers from different countries. To discover the island in a new way and at the same time avoid collisions with crowds of tourists, go on a sea cruise. Continue reading

Note for skiers: the largest ski slopes in Russia

Cross-country skiing is loved by both professional athletes and amateurs. Such a walk is a great way to keep fit without damage to the body (the load on the spine, knee joints, ligaments is minimal for a skier, unlike a runner). And the ski slopes run in picturesque places.

And the classic move technique can be mastered in the shortest possible time, for example, with I Love Supersport. Classes start at school on January 14th. They take place in the Aleshkinsky forest park, in the Meshchersky park, the Novodevichy Prudy park, etc. Hurry to join. Continue reading

Traditions of Russian philanthropy and hospitality revive in Jerusalem

Now everyone who comes to Jerusalem from Russia is eager to visit the Sergievsky Compound. This amazing place, a corner of Russia in the heart of the Holy Land, gives a sense of home to both Russians and local residents who have long considered it theirs.

Sergievsky Compound
The courtyard of the courtyard with a beautiful park and towers similar to chess rooks is known to all Jerusalemites. They come here to sit in the shade of trees, enjoy the smell of flowers, the quiet sound of water in the fountain. Continue reading

How to get Malta residence permit through real estate investment?

The program, which provides for the issuance of a residence permit of Malta for investments, was launched in 2013, together with the program for obtaining economic citizenship.

Thus, the Mediterranean government is implementing a plan to attract high-income foreign businessmen to the development of the economy.
Malta residence permit through real estate is issued within 3-4 months from the date of application. Continue reading

MICE tourism – how are corporate tourism arranged?

Corporate tours are a relatively new and rapidly developing area of ​​tourism services. With their help, company management solves a wide variety of tasks, from staff motivation to establishing trusting relationships with business partners and customers. You will learn about how modern MICE tourism is organized from this article.

Corporate and business tours
In modern management, the organization of corporate travel is indicated by the abbreviation MICE, which reflects the main directions of this activity: Continue reading

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10 places in Helsinki that will not be shown to “package” tourists (part 2)
5. Töölö A cozy, quiet area is located on the west coast of mainland Helsinki. It is here that a huge number of attractions are concentrated, but tourist groups are…


Gateway: stand or not stand
Often at airports you can see the picture: even before the announcement of boarding, people begin to crowd at the exit ... Why is this happening and is it worth…


Best places to stay in Armenia in the summer of 2019
In recent years, Armenia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Many tourists, in particular from the countries of the former CIS, prefer holidays in Armenia to…


Our pensioner abroad: the main thing is attentiveness and optimism!
Vladimir Tsaran lives in Russia, the city of Nikolsk, Penza region. He is 71 years old, a journalist, a pensioner ... Gdansk Bay, Poland He did not leave his profession…