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David E. McNeely
Everglades Photos 

Panoramic Color Photography in The Everglades National Park
Published in National Geographic Adventure and Field and Stream Magazines 

Recent images:

New Johnson Key Chickee on Florida Bay

Dolphin going out with the tide near Flamingo

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Returned To Flamingo From Carl Ross Key
The Scribe's Favorite Paddle Trip

The Scribe Having Fun In The Ten Thousand Islands
Waters Calm At Rabbit Key - Photo By Photographer Pat Welsh

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Map of the Everglades National Park


Glades coastal campsites appear to be slipping under water.  Is this due to rising sea levels or erosion or what

*Carl Ross Key is no longer an approved campsite, battered and diminished by hurricanes over the years.

*Graveyard Creek Campsite eroded gradually and then abruptly at the time of Hurricane Wilma in 2005--now it is partly under water.

*Kingston Key Chickee was knocked out by Hurricane Wilma and no longer exists.

*Highland Beach gives evidence of structures and embedded tree stumps from the past, now under water.

*Not available are photos of the former South Lostman's Campsite, a campsite at the basin of Lostman's River.  South Lostman's was terminated as an allowed campsite after Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

*Nothing remains of the campsite once on the eastern shore of Lake Ingraham.